The road to becoming a nurse

Very few people walk into the nursing profession with the aim of earning their fortune; they choose such a career because it enables them to help people, and to put the needs of their community before themselves. If you’ve become determined to give a little back to society and the people you meet on a daily basis, then the life of a nurse could be the one for you.

Reasons for becoming a nurse

There are numerous benefits to becoming a nurse, least of all the personal fulfillment you’ll no doubt feel each time you clock in and out of work; whether you’re saving a life, assisting someone’s final journey or making a patient smile during their treatment, no moment of your shift is ever wasted.

Other benefits include…

The opportunity to save someone’s life

You don’t have to be a nurse in the emergency room to save somebody’s life, or to change it irrevocably. Being a nurse is about so much more than assisting a surgeon or doctor; it’s about sharing a moment with a patient, and being a person they can trust without question. Sure, you’ll see the worst of people quite a lot of the time, but you’ll also frequently experience the best of them.

You’ll never stop learning

Nursing is never boring, and you’ll experience numerous opportunities to change and grow in your professional career, and personal life. There will be plenty of chances for you to undertake specialist training, and frequent prospects within other fields of medicine. Have you considered life as an ER nurse, palliative care nurse or pediatric nurse? The world is your oyster. While not every scene you witness or patient you meet will have a happy conclusion, you’ll receive an enriching education on the job each day.

You’ll push yourself harder and further than ever

Becoming a nurse means pushing yourself further than you’ve ever pushed before, both physically and mentally. Nurses frequently work long shifts, which means needing to remain alert and focused for more hours of the day than you’ve perhaps been accustomed to. What’s more, you’ll probably have never clocked up so many miles in a single day either; from lifting and pulling, to fetching and carrying, a nurse is never still for long. What better excuse to stay fit than to become a nurse?

The chance to be flexible

If you’re bored of your regular 9-5, or know that regular office life is never going to suit you, nursing will offer something completely outside of the box. Shift patterns will frequently include late nights and long days, as well as split shifts and periods with little time to yourself. That said, you’ll be rewarded with flexibility, as well as the chance to swap shifts with colleagues if a pressing matter arises. Shifts aren’t for everyone, but they do offer a wealth of opportunities for those that embrace them.

We’ll always need nurses

Finally, consider the job security that nursing is likely to present, particularly at a time when many hospitals and clinics are experiencing a shortage of trained, dedicated staff members. The human population will always need healthcare, and passionate individuals to deliver medication and reassurance. If that sounds like you, the profession is calling out for your help.

The road to becoming a nurse

The road to becoming a nurse is not for the faint-hearted, least of all because it will involve heading back to school in some capacity. If the idea of completing further training is enough to send you screaming into the hills, you may wish to reconsider your career choices. Indeed, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing could take up to four years to complete if you’ve yet to complete any formal training, while choosing to specialize in a particular field of medicine could take even longer. That said, very little beats the feeling of obtaining a license to become a registered nurse, and if nursing is your passion, you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. Besides, if you were ill, wouldn’t you want to know that the person treating you has passed every exam going?

These days, there are numerous ways that you could achieve your dream career in nursing, including the completion of a degree or diploma at university, studying while working as a healthcare assistant or assistant practitioner, military training, or undertaking an online masters in nursing, with an institution such as Maryville University. In most cases, studying is flexible, and can be completed around work experience or volunteer hours to ensure you’re gathering as many experiences of the profession as possible. A basic education is absolutely essential, though. If you’re considering a change of direction towards nursing, but lack the relevant high school qualifications, consult a careers advisor before making any big decisions regarding your future. Finally, think about the nursing environment you’d like to work in, and the specialty you’d particularly like to embrace. From emergency medicine and pediatrics to end of life care and working with the elderly, the options for registered nurses are vast and varied. How would you like to put your skills to good use?

You may have dreamed about becoming a nurse since you were a child, or decided only recently that your skills could be put to good use in the field of medicine. However you stumbled upon your new career choice, be sure to embrace the opportunities afforded to you – you’re about to enter something amazing.