How Online retailers have changed the perspective of Replacement Lenses

If you go a few years back, it was not an easy job to get replacement lenses for your prescription glasses or even branded designer sunglasses like Ray Ban or Gucci. We had to personally visit the optic stores to hand over our old glasses and then wait for the store to call us back for collecting our glasses. Going to the sunglasses or optics store can cost you more time.

Usually, sunglasses manufacturers seldom offer the replacement lenses for glasses. And even if they do, then these lenses are quite expensive because you have to pay the expenses for the shipping of glasses to the manufacturer’s factory. And you have to wait many days before you can get your glasses back. But times have changes with the growth of online stores. Now it is very easy to order the replacement lenses on the internet and they will be delivered to your home in a couple days.

In today’s fast and busy life where people barely have time for their routine tasks, it is very hard to make time for going to optics store. Designer glasses can get easily scratched when you use them regularly. And no one can afford to buy new glasses every time they scratch or nick the lenses. You can easily get new lenses for old frames instead of replacing a whole new glasses. Online lens replacement have made life easier by order the new pair of lenses to your doorstep.

Now you can keep your favorite glasses for long period of time without going to the store. You can even change the color of lenses or frames if you want to give new look to your existing glasses. If you have accidentally broken the lens of your glasses and your frame is still in good or reasonable condition then you can simply order the lenses instead of paying a hefty amount to get a totally new pair of glasses.

The street optician shops charge big amount for prescription lenses because they have to pay the rent of expensive shops, bills of their shops, salaries of employs and other expenses. On the other hand, online retailers have an advantage and they do not have such expenses. Therefore, they can easily give a discounted price for the same lenses. You can save almost half the amount on your glasses if you choose to buy from an online retailer.

There are many online retailers that offer different services. Some of them sell new glasses, some offer repairing services and some sell new replacement lenses for your old frame. You can get single vision, bifocal, progressive, polarized, trifocal and every other type of lenses at reasonable prices. Always choose trusted online retailer to avoid any non-pleasant experience. is a trusted online retailer which offer great services at very affordable prices. You just have to select the lenses you want, the retailer will send you prepaid shipping label so you can send the frame, after repairing they will ship it back to you.

The great thing about this retailer is that you can get your glasses re-glazed without worrying about the lens measurements. After you send your frame, they have professional people to take care of your lenses and frame, so there is no risk involved. You just have to sit back and relax, while your “new” glasses will be delivered to your doorstep. For more information, you can visit the website and choose your desired lenses. They have a wide range of branded lenses including Ray Ban, Prada, Calvin Klein, Versace, Guess and many more.