The responsibilities Of A CNA

A certified Nursing Assistant is also referred to as a CNA and they help patients with many of their healthcare needs. They are supervised by a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. A CNA must have strong work ethics as well as abilities but are legally unable to perform certain specific procedures.

The actual job requirements of a CNA will vary depending on where you are working and where you live. The most common settings for a CNA are hospitals, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, nursing homes and individual residences. Nursing assistance from a CNA is necessary as they act as a liaison between the LPN, RN and patients. On numerous occasions a CNA serves as the ears and eyes for the nurses and will relay information between them and their patients.

All of the patients in outpatient clinics and nursing care facilities have needs regarding their basic quality of life. Regardless of their ages certain requirements must be met. Since a CNA has contact with patients on a daily basis they are able to gather the basic information regarding the conditions of their patients. A CNA is then able to transfer this information to their supervisor.

The workload of a CNA is often very fast paced and intense. The motivation is the ability to help people with medical conditions and needs by establishing human contact. Compassion and the desire to help patients are critical for a CNA.

Due to the fact so many CNAs have the desire to work toward a medical career requiring more involvement, CNA positions have a rather high turnover. This makes it easy to secure a job working as a CNA. There is a high demand for CNAs in assisted and continued care for the elderly. A lot of health care facilities are aware of how important a compassionate and well qualified CNA can be. The National Association of Health Care Assistants provides support for CNAs. For more information about the testing required to be a CNA please visit

One of the main reasons CNA jobs have a high turnover is because it is easy for a CNA to obtain the education needed to become a Registered Nurse or an RN. Online courses can be taken while the CNA is currently working and programs are available to obtain a bachelor’s or associates degree. This leads to a better paying job within the medical field.

A high school diploma or a GED are usually needed to become a CNA. Some type of nursing instruction is also required. This can be accomplished at an online school, trade school or community college. A certification is achieved upon completion of a specific examination. Although a degree is usually not a requirement it is a big help in preparing a CNA for the responsibilities of the job as well as possible career advancements.