How to Finally Remove Your Tonsil Stones for Good

One of the most common health problems out there today are tonsil stones. The strange thing about this health condition is that a lot of people still don’t even know about it. In fact, many of the people who have tonsil stones don’t even know they have them.

If you do have tonsil stones you’ll notice you have them due to the foul odor they cause your mouth to have. If you go to your doctor and ask about them they’ll most likely give you some form of antibiotics to treat this problem. Most of the time these antibiotics don’t help much and the tonsil stones still persist.

The next possible treatment your doctor may recommend for tonsil stones is a surgical procedure called tonsillectomy. This surgery procedure costs a lot of money and can be very painful. Even worse in many cases the tonsil stones still return after the tonsillectomy is performed.

Tonsillectomy involves removing your tonsils and the idea is if you don’t have your tonsils then you won’t have any tonsil stones. If this surgical procedure doesn’t work then you’re out of a lot of money and your tonsils are forever gone.

The truth is there are many other options out there to choose from besides surgery to get rid of tonsil stones. According to this article, there are various home remedies that can be used to treat and remove tonsil stones for good.

Salt Water Gargle

Probably one of the most successful ways to remove tonsil stones naturally is to gargle your mouth out with some salt water. To make this salt water solution to gargle you’ll need a cup of water and a tablespoon of sea salt. Make sure the cup of water is hot enough to dissolve the sea salt when you add it.

Stir up the salt water mixture thoroughly and then gargle your mouth with it. Make sure you tilt your head back a little to make sure the salt water hits the tonsil area where the stones are hiding.


Another effective way to get rid of tonsil stones naturally is to use a toothbrush to push them out. You’ll need to get in front of a mirror for this home remedy.

Now put the end part of the toothbrush in your mouth and push on the tonsils until the stones eventually fall out. Once you’ve got all the tonsil stones you can it’s a good idea to gargle your mouth out with an anti-bacterial mouthwash. If the stones come back repeat this remedy again.


Finally, you could also use a Q-tip to push the stones out from your tonsils. This home remedy for tonsil stones is effective because it is almost as if the Q-tip was made for removing the stones in the tight space of the tonsil crypts. To perform this remedy set yourself up in front of the mirror like you would if you were to use the toothbrush method. Gently push on the tonsil stones at an angle to get them out the pockets in your tonsils.

These 3 home remedies for tonsil stones are a great alternative to the surgical procedure called tonsillectomy. The best part is you’ll save money and you won’t have to remove your valuable tonsils.