Excellent Guide Why You Should Use Trenbolone for First Cycle

Trenbolone is the most popular steroid that people are using nowadays. It is used so as to increase appetite and muscle growth. However, bodybuilders are using it to improve body mass also.

Trenbolone is greatly considered as an anabolic steroid that has many positive effects and can enhance the physical performance of the athletes. However, Trenbolone comes up with many side effects also and hence you need to follow a particular guideline so as to avoid them.

In addition, Trenbolone is generally used by those bodybuilders, who have previous cycle experiences. Many bodybuilders prefer the injectable form rather than the oral form of Trenbolone. The recommended dosage is 300mg to 700 mg per week.

Different Types of Trenbolone

Trenbolone can either be enanthate or acetate. The trenbolone enanthate is generally preferred for long acting purposes while Trenbolone acetate is used for shorter acting purposes.

Trenbolone Cycle

The trencycle is used by those individuals, who want to build muscle or lose fat. You are already aware that a common trenbolone cycle can occur during your growth or dieting period. Usually, it is effective in both the periods. Trenbolone is one among the best steroids to the extent that most bodybuilders would include it in most of their cycles regardless of its purpose.

Basic Cycles (Beginner)

Being called as basic cycle should not push you to think that it is weak. It is a good place to start from, if you are just starting or if you are a first time trenbolone user. The basic cycle would include the testosterone. Testosterone is usually recommended with all the trenbolone cycles as Tren hormone is suppressive to the natural production of the testosterone.

The well recommended dosage for this cycle is 50 mg every other day. However, you can even consume 75mg, if you can tolerate. The total duration of this cycle is 8 weeks.

Tren would stack perfectly with the testosterone as well as anabolics like Winstrol and Anavar.

Intermediate Tren Cycles

These tren cycles would be almost as far as you are willing to take. You can choose a longer ester Trenbolone form if you already have supplemented with this hormone before. Trenbolone-Acetate can prove to be more efficient as it is more stable than other forms, especially if you are considering maintaining peak levels. It tend to begin at 75 mg every other day, however 100 mg every other day has become more common.

Advanced Tren Cycles

The advanced cycle generally starts at 100 mg every other day. You would not require every day doses, if you are an off season athlete. Useful dose can be 100 mg during a diet, or if you are close to some competition.

Many people recommend a combination of Tren/Test/Dbol unbeatable for an off season, advanced Trenbolone cycle.To have an efficient overlapping cycle, you can supplement with the testosterone and Deca-Durabolin for twelve weeks. Things would get more exciting for dieting or cutting cycle.


Trenbolone cycles are the most exciting steroid cycle that can help you to enhance muscle mass and growth. It can bring you many benefits if you want to improve your physical performance as an athlete. You can buy it from http://120kgs.com/ at a good price.