The Different Types of Divorce AvailableThe Different Types of Divorce Available

Getting married is a wonderful occasion. While marriage helps people live longer and feel better, sometimes it is necessary break the bonds between two people. In that case, a person may seek a divorce. A divorce is a means that allows all parties involved to be able to get out of their marriage legally. Many people are not sure where to begin the process of filing for a divorce. They may be contemplating the idea but they may have heard varying things about how how to go about it In many instances, people aren’t sure what they can expect should they decide to go through a divorce. It is best to find out in advance the types of divorces available and what to expect from start to finish. It’s also best to understand the different types of divorce that are possible in most states.

Who is at Fault

In some instances, the divorce process can be highly acrimonious. Both parties may come to the table with a sense of anger and a determination to avoid seeing the other party ever again. In that case, the parties may wish to seek ways to help provide safeguards so they can reduce contact with each other. This kind of divorce is considered a contested or at fault divorce. However, even in this case, the parties may still wish to work through the system and avoid a prolonged and costly legal battle. In that case, the parties can go a judge and ask for what is known as no-fault divorce. This means the judge will avoid issues such as potential spousal abuse in order to simply dissolve the marriage and allow both parties to move on. After this process has been completed, the parties can later work out in civil courts what they plan to do with items they have accumulated during the marriage such as jointly owned property. This allows for an equitable distribution of property. This kind of divorce can help save on legal fees and avoid a longer and more stressful divorce.

A Contested Divorce

While an uncontested divorce is common, sometimes the parties wish to go through what is known as a contested divorce. This kind of divorce means there’s an innate dispute between the parties that must be worked out legally. This kind of divorce typically means that at least one party does not agree to the idea of the divorce or may dispute some aspects of the divorce in some way such as child custody arrangements. In that case, each party will have to work out the questions that have arisen in a way that both consider satisfactory. This kind of dispute is common. Many couples choose to work out it by themselves on their own without the help of an attorney. However, in many other instances, both parties may find they simply cannot come to any kind of agreement. In that case, they will need to seek help from an outside source. Many people find it useful to turn to the court system to help them resolve their complains. This kind of divorce will typically take longer and require the assistance of an attorney in order to see satisfactory results and the completion of the divorce process. The lawyers can help both parties come to a mutually acceptable agreement and ultimately move on with their lives. This kind of divorce usually costs more than a standard divorce and may require a longer time to complete.